About Us

About us!

That moment when you dress your little babe up in the cutest outfit, you take them to the playground and EVERYONE fawns over how adorable they are and starts asking:

 “where did you get that outfit?”

 “I wish I could dress mine like that!”

“ugh…now I want another baby!”


That’s why I opened this store… 

For those mamas:

♡ who love putting together the cutest outfit on their ridiculously adorable baby.

♡ who live for a cozy neutral look that they can easily match to their own.

♡ who don’t want their child to look like every other kid on the playground.


And especially, for those moms who just don’t want to see another poorly made, brightly colored dinosaur on a skateboard with a random pizza or hot pink monstrosity.


So if you love cozy neutrals with a bit of an edge that will have all the other parents wondering where you got it… I got you mama!


A whole shop filled with the cutest neutrals that are the highest quality (each piece is inspected by hand) just for you! Pieces that will last and stand out in the best way.


Shameless adorable pic below, because look how cute my baby is? 

 (the original best dressed babe at the playground). 😉